Monday, October 29, 2012

Emergence by C Michelle Jefferies

One day as I was talking about my book on Think Tank, I came across C Michelle Jefferies and we learned we had something in common. Australia. I'd lived there, she'd written a book set there - in the same place I'd lived. I was thrilled to get her book in my hands and I eagerly read it, finding all the parts of Canberra that I missed. The story is amazing. Here is the synopsis:

Hit man, Antony Danic, has never killed an innocent man. At least, the corporation he works for has never given him a reason to think otherwise—until now. Reeling from a series of complications and troubled assignments, the assassin is desperate for some downtime. As he sits on a white sandy beach in Tahiti watching his wife play in the waves, he can almost feel the ten-day vacation start to ease his tired muscles and calm his racing thoughts—until a messenger from his employer delivers a death threat.  In a matter of seconds, the hunter has become the hunted. As he scrambles to find a way out of his “till death do us part” contract, he’s faced with the decision of a lifetime. Continue with business as usual and kill another innocent man—or do what’s right, even if it puts his family in jeopardy.

I was hooked on this book. I hadn't expected the intensity of the story when I first started it but I couldn't put it down. Antony is a very likable guy for being an assassin. He really wants to make the world a better place in a way he knows best, one bad guy at a time. His wife, Elite, has always wanted children and helps with fundraisers for orphans. Antony's handler, Catelyn, always seems to contact him at the most inconvenient times for jobs but he must obey or face the consequences. The relationship that Anthony has with his handler is enjoyable to read. I love that they play off each other in a not so nice way.
As the story progresses, Anthony begins to find his work assignments becoming a little too suspicious for him and he begins to wonder who he's working for. Gage, a good friend and old roommate, steps in and helps investigate using his computer smarts to track everything going on within the group that Antony works for.
This book is a must-read for those that love suspense. I can't wait to dive into her next book.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Created by Cindy M Hogan

I love suspense books. I love to be pulled along, surprises lurking in every corner. When I first picked up Cindy M Hogan's Watched, the first book in the series, I was excited to read it. I was not disappointed. The story was amazing and I hungrily waited for book two, Protected. I finally had that one in my hands and couldn't put it down until the last page. When I was given the opportunity to read and review the third book in the series, Created, I jumped at the chance. Again, I was not disappointed.  If you love suspense, you'll love this book.  

First the synopsis:
Ari and her friends find themselves in an independent spy school in Belgium, Bresen Academy. Test scores reveal her true abilities and the director wants to send her onto to more advanced training school immediately. She is given a two week reprieve to explore the school's training program and hopefully make amends with both Reese and Marybeth. Despite her lack of advanced training, the director convinces Ari she would be the best fit for a mission that surfaces in Prague with a group calling themselves Division 57. Uncertain, but wanting to please, she agrees. She quickly discovers there is nothing easy about being a spy and finds her very life on the line. 

From the beginning of the book, I was suspicious of the school that Ari was sent to. It seemed a little too convenient that she was sent to a spy school. However, the lessons she learns while she is there is priceless for what she needs for her life. She is pit against people that have been in the school since they were five years old.  It turns out the school was legit but there are things that still aren't quite right.

The missions that Ari is sent on were great. I could feel the adrenalin and she raced from one part of her mission to the next. I loved watching her come up with solutions to get out of situations, escaping danger in the nick of time.

If you want a suspenseful, yet fun book for you or for your teens, this series is perfect for you. I couldn't get enough and I only hope there are more to follow! 

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Priestess of the Eggstone by Jaleta Clegg

After having read Nexus Point by Jaleta Clegg, I waited patiently for the sequel. There was a cliffhanger at the end and I had to know what would happen between Tayvis and Dace. I was not disappointed when I finally got Priestess of the Eggstone in my hands.

Here is the synopsis:

It isn’t Dace’s fault she leaves chaos everywhere she goes.

She didn’t know Belliff, the company who hired her to courier sensitive materials, is a front for the Targon Crime Syndicate. She finds out when she steps into the middle of a Patrol raid on Belliff’s offices. The Patrol and Targon both want her. But that’s nothing. Her copilot has an entire sentient species chasing him for stealing their god. The two of them set off on a desperate chase to get the Eggstone god back to avert war with the Sessimoniss while evading the Patrol and the Targon Syndicate.

But the Eggstone isn’t just any rock. The Patrol isn’t chasing her for the reasons she thinks. And Targon’s days are numbered.

Dace took any job she could and didn't realize that taking the job at Belliff would be so dangerous. She despised her ship, Twinkle but it was her ship. She hires a copilot, Jerimon, before delivering the shipment. Things begin to go quickly downhill as she learns that Jerimon is in trouble with the Sessimon She is angry with the feelings she has toward Jerimon and does her best to keep him away.  Meanwhile, Tayvis is trying to keep with the chaos that Dace has left in her wake so that he can pass along an assignment from Patrol.

This was a fun read from beginning to end. I love the interaction between the characters and how they worked together. I felt like I was on the ship with Dace and could feel the tension when things went wrong. Jaleta did a great job with her imagery of the ships that Dace traveled in.

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