Friday, June 28, 2013

Be Mine by Sandra Norton Flynn

I have enjoyed reading thrillers since I was in high school. There's something about scaring myself to death while reading a book in the middle of the night. My Grandma Bonnie has the same love and we enjoyed talking about all the Mary Higgins Clark books we'd read. When she passed last year, I was sad for many reasons, but one of those was that I couldn't share exciting thrillers with her.

I loved this book. It had me scared and wanting to keep reading to find out who the bad guy was. Here is the synopsis:

He knows where she works.

He knows where she lives.

And soon, they’ll come face-to-face.

Erin Lewis is an up-and-coming fashion designer building up her career in New York City. With a loving husband, a great assistant, and working in the field of her dreams, she couldn’t be happier.

But perfection can’t last forever.

When a long string of tragedies shakes Erin to her core, she doesn’t know how to keep moving forward day by day. And when she is targeted by a brutal serial killer, she must find the inner strength she never knew she had just to survive.

Sandra keeps you guessing as to who the creep is that won't leave Erin alone. There are the obvious suspects and those that you hope have nothing to do with it. But who actually did it?

Erin had never taken the time to make friends on her own but when Jenna and Cori ask Erin and Michael, her husband, to come with them to meet Dana and Nick, she gains a circle of friendship she never thought possible.

Things get dangerous when Erin begins to feel someone watching her. Then the seemingly random murders throughout New York and New Jersey start to connect to her. After being threatened, her neighbors rally around to protect her. Who could be doing this, and what will it take to stop them?

I highly recommend this book. You can find it for sale on kindle here: Amazon

You can learn more about Sandra here:

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