Monday, April 1, 2013

Confessions from the Realm of the Underworld (Also Known as High School by Laura Josephsen

I was offered a chance to read this book and I'm happy I took that chance. It was a wonderful book of Sephie and her five sisters. The writing style is fun and you quickly fall in love with the characters. 

Here is the synopsis:

"Write what you know."

Persephone "Sephie" Benson scoffs when her creative writing teacher throws that little gem out there. Maybe this advice would work for a professional skydiver or a baseball star or a ninja princess. It's not so great for a high school student who doesn't even know what to do with the rest of her life. Add in being the oldest of six girls, having Responsibilities with a capital R, and living in a town the size of a tick, and you've got a recipe for boring soup. 

At least, that's what Sephie thinks until her senior year. Now, her grandfather is losing his house. One of her sisters plays a starring role in the local high school scandal. Even things with her best friend Joey aren't the same. As Sephie deals with the changes in her life, she finds that nothing is quite what she expects--and that sometimes, the most extraordinary life can be the one that seems the most ordinary.

Persephone—or Sephie, as she likes to be called—is a senior in high school and thinks her life is pretty boring. Her feistiness and quick humor make her anything but boring. I knew I would enjoy the book from the first couple of pages, by the way she went into the description of her favorite high school teacher, Mr. Hinkley.

Her best friend, Joey, is always right there when she needs him. He's the type of friend that everyone needs more of. Her sisters are great and even when they're fighting, they're willing to stick up for each other.

Things start to change drastically throughout the year, and she has to hold on tight to her family and friends. This is a great book to share with your teens.

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Here is a little more about the author:

Laura Josephsen has authored several novels and works as a freelance editor. She likes to listen to music, watch sci-fi shows, and drink coffee. She believes there's no such thing as having too many socks. She lives in Tennessee with her awesome husband, imaginative children, and feisty cats.

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