Thursday, April 18, 2013

Without a Voice by Lauren Ritz

I'm a sucker for a good thriller, so I was excited to have the chance to read this book. It started out with a bang and had me thinking about it whenever I had to put it down and do something else—like feed my kids lunch—and I couldn't wait to get back to it.

Here is the synopsis:
Don’t put yourself on the grid. No credit cards, new name, new city. Few friends, no family. Connections of any kind are a risk.

Five years ago Mae left Justin in Orlando. Never again will she cower, wondering who he'll hurt next. She's done letting him punish her.

Now she has real friends, people she cares about, a life worth living. After years of relative peace she's gotten complacent, relaxed her guard. Somehow, he's found her. 

There’s nowhere you can go. 

Mae can no longer cling to her safe obscurity if she's going to survive.

Once she could have run and been certain Justin would leave those she loved alone. But he's changed. Justin is the whisper in the dark, a shadow on the street, the phantom no one sees.

You are mine. I will never stop.

Crazy, right? It was great! Justin was the perfect bad guy who makes your skin crawl. From the first moment you meet him, you want Mae to run away as fast as she can. Mae was one tough girl who had learned to stick up for herself and after starting a new life to get away from Justin, she starts forgetting to be careful.

Keli, Mae's best friend, owns a bookstore that I would have just loved to browse through. She's a great friend to Mae and is always watching out for her.

Lauren brought in a twist with adding religion that I wasn't expecting but I like how she did it. There are times when adding it can fall a little flat but she did a fantastic job.  This is a great book for those that love thrillers.

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