Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dragon War Relic by Berin Stephens

I met Berin last year at an Authorpalooza and heard about his book The Dragon War Relic. When I heard it was a comedic book I was intrigued. I like fantasy, sci fi and comedy. What could be better? I then had him out to our store and got a chance to buy his book.  Since we were in Australia for several months- and had to leave my books behind - I didn't have a chance to read the book until recently. It was worth the wait. I loved it!!  Here is the synopsis:

A mysterious explosion, a gold ring, and the fate of the Earth and the universe . . . For Jared Mills, summer has never been more exciting! When Jared receives an odd-looking ring from a complete stranger, he never imagines it will lead to aliens, spaceships, lasers, and dragons! With the ring comes great responsibility, and Jared discovers that he is Earth s representative to the entire galaxy. Suddenly, he finds himself in a fast-paced adventure where he must discover the cause of a mysterious explosion and the truth about his predecessor s death. Along the way, Jared joins up with a strange collection of allies: his childhood friend, an Ogre, an Angel, and three short Star Trek loving Elves. What they uncover changes everything even the course of Earth s destiny! Science fiction slams into fantasy, creating a humorous and action-filled story. The Dragon War Relic will keep you laughing to the very last page. 

I loved the characters in this book.  Each had their purpose and they did it well. Jared was a good awkward guy who didn't want to be pushed into the spotlight but did a great job when he was there.  Doug was just plain awesome with all the ways he could use the word "dude" in a conversation.  Gar is a loveable ogre that takes good care of Jared. Kayla is the angel that every guy wants. The elves were just plain hilarious. They could get into trouble and save the day all in the same hour.

I like that you hear about the different worlds in the galaxy but you also get to see a few of the different planets throughout the book. And the fact that there is a moonbase where you can only travel to and from earth when the moon is out is just plain cool.

The plot is great because of the many twists and turns. When you think you know what's going to happen, out pops another surprise.  I didn't expect the book to end how it did but I was pleased with the outcome.  I hope that there are more books to this series because I would like to enter the world again!  The one question I would like to ask is, did Doug really ever get abducted???

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