Saturday, October 15, 2011

Watched by Cindy M. Hogan

I've mentioned before (I think) that I'm one to judge a book by its cover.  The cover of this book itself caught my attention; but then I read the back of the book and got even more hooked. I NEEDED to read this book.  Here is the synopsis:

It takes more than a school trip to Washington, D.C. to change fifteen-year-old Christy's life. it takes murder. A witness to the brutal slaying of a Senator's aide, Christy finds herself watched not only by the killers and the FBI but also by two hot boys. She discovers that if she can't help the FBI, who want to protect her, it will cost her and her new friends their lives. 

Christy was a very likeable character. I think most teens can relate to her in a way. She feels like she's not good enough and just wants to be like everybody else she's with.  The way she interacts with friends is true to a fifteen year old girl who wants to fit in while also standing up for her beliefs. Even after the book ends, you want to know more about her.

I love the intensity in this book. You never know what's going to happen as you read. While there are a couple of places where I noticed small mistakes, it was very well-written and enjoyable. If you love thrillers that are still clean, this is a great book. I would highly recommend the books to anyone ages 12 and up.

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  1. Good review. I see by your posts that you sure read a lot! Thanks for the reviews--it's kinda nice to have the reviews to know what to read first!! (There are so many out there I want to read.)

  2. Hey! You popped up on my google alerts! So cool! Thanks for reviewing my book! The sequel comes out in March-I can't wait.