Monday, October 24, 2011

Samara by Andrea Pearson

I got the opportunity to read this novella by Andrea. Its a cute story.  As I'm a total romantic, it was perfect for me!

First the synopsis:
When Samara Oldroyd meets the most amazing guy ever, she's frustrated their conversation is cut short. Her wishes that they'll run into each other again come true when she meets her sister's new boyfriend. It's him! Eeek!
Inspired by the film Dan in Real Life, this novella will tickle you pink as Samara tries—in vain—to undo her crush.

I enjoyed this story.  It was fun to see how Samara interacted with her family. You can feel the growing annoyance in the car as the trip drags on to their destination. It brings back many memories of those long car trips!

Then she meets Matt who is every girl's dream and every Mom's dream for her daughter. But of course there's the problem of him already dating her sister.  Her act of trying to stop having a crush on him is hilarious. Because the second you try to stop thinking about something or someone,  you end up thinking about them more. I love that she is comfortable enough with Matt to tell him - and I enjoyed his reaction.

This is a fun romance story for all readers.  I can't wait to read more of Andrea's books and novellas!

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  1. Eeek. :-) Thanks sooo much for reviewing Samara! It was so much fun to read what you thought. :-)