Monday, September 26, 2011

The Forgotten Locket By Lisa Mangum

This is the last book in The Hourglass Door trilogy.  I had to search for it the night after I finished The Golden Spiral because I needed to finish the trilogy.  Not wanted.  Needed. I wasn't disappointed. The ending was phenomenal.  Here is the synopsis:

When Abby stepped through the hourglass door, leaving her beloved Dante blind and bleeding on the other side, it was in full faith that she could find a way to repair the damage to the river of time and restore him—as well as her family. It was a desperate chance that seemed worth taking.
But Zo had other plans.
Now Abby is trapped in a full-fledged battle for her own mind and life and heart. Even worse, Zo's evil intent reaches beyond simple revenge against her and Dante. The whole world is in danger of collapsing unless Abby can summon her courage and undertake a journey that will lead her beyond the origins of the hourglass door.

Again, Lisa uses imagery to pull you into the story from the very beginning. Every step of the way, you're in the edge of your seat, hoping Abby can get her life back to normal and everything as it should be.  And just when you think things are back to normal, she throws another twist into the story.  You're left breathless by the time you reach the last page of the book because you are so invested in what happens to Abby and Dante.  It is one of those books that you wake up the next morning and can't believe you've finished the whole trilogy so fast and wish for more.

I would recommend this book from Young Adults and adults alike.  The book makes you think about life and brings to life what would happen if you could go back in time. It shows the importance of each person's life and the decisions they make. By changing one thing, you could change the course of your life and everyone else's. It also makes you treasure the time you have with your family and your loved ones.

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