Tuesday, September 13, 2011


After having owned a bookstore where I met many local authors, I was left with several books I've been dying to read.  As I've read them, I've wanted a way to let people know about the fun books and authors I've discovered. This is the way I decided was the best way to do that.  Since I've been gone for the last six months and had to leave my books behind, there are great books I read before we left that I will have to go back and read before I can review them. So instead, I'm going for the books that I have read since I've gotten home.  Just in the last few weeks I've read six books and I'm starting on my seventh.

Along with this, I've wanted a place where I can put my thoughts. There were many times when I rode on buses in Canberra and Melbourne that I came up with ideas that I wanted to write down and keep.  I didn't have anywhere to write and most of the time I had my kids with me so it could have been disastrous anyway.  I still come up with things that I just want to get out there and now I have a place to put them. I may split it up and put it into a different blog later but for now everything goes together. This can be story ideas, random thoughts or anywhere in between.


  1. Yeah! We should start a book club. I know I never made it to one at the book store but I would love a book club. :0)

  2. Looking forward to your reviews. I'd love an online book club too. Let me know if you decide to start one.